Affiliate Member

If you are a healthcare organisation from a country in which another organisation is already a full member and has access to IHSI’s Joint Horizon Scanning Database, you can apply to become an Affiliate Member.

As an Affiliate Member, you will be entitled to the same benefits as a Full Member, namely:

  • Access to the IHSI Joint Horizon Scanning Database
  • Access to High Impact Reports which specifically focus on upcoming disruptive innovation
  • Participating in the Executive Board and shaping the future of the initiative
  • Access to an extensive pool of resources and expertise from global member countries.

Note: As an Affiliate Member, your access to the database will be coordinated by your Full Member organisation. For example, if the Full Member in your country is the Ministry of Health, they will determine the degree of access your organisation, as an Affiliate Member, will receive.

Terms and conditions

Institutions or agencies that:

  1. Are established in the country of a Full Member,
  2. Meet the capacity requirements for Affiliated Members; and
  3. Whose accession as Affiliated Members is proposed and their participation in IHSI monitored by the Full Member that is established in the same country,
  4. Are automatically admitted by the Board of Directors as Affiliate Members.

Affiliated Members are granted full access to the database without being required to pay a membership fee for this access. Affiliated Members will still be required to respect the terms and conditions of use of the database and cannot disseminate or publish any of the obtained information without the consent of the Full Member who proposed its accession.

If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate Member of the International Horizon Scanning Initiative, please complete the online contact form available here.