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  • Data-driven
    fight for fair
    drug prices.

  • Governments change the conversation with real data.

  • Empowering fair healthcare pricing through data.


IHSI provides data that empowers political decision-makers and payer organisation negotiators to drive for better pricing in medicinal products. IHSI data enables healthcare systems to prepare for disruptive technologies through data insights that deliver the leverage required to confidently assess new products coming to market.

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As an independent legal entity, IHSI is composed of three organisational bodies. Each member state provides a representative to the Executive Committee, the key decision-making body. From this, the members of the Board of Directors are elected who, together with the Secretariat, oversee the IHSI’s operational management.

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Get involved

As a member-state driven organisation, participating countries retain control over the functioning and operations of the initiative.

There are several ways to participate in IHSI. Countries currently not in the initiative may apply for Full Membership, while organisations from countries within the initiative may apply for Affiliate Membership. Not-for-profit organisations seeking to participate in IHSI activities may apply as Joined Members.

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EUR spent*
EUR saved**

* — Spent by IHSI member states on pharmaceutical products. Data based on OECD data for the year 2017
** — assumption that with IHSI data-driven negotiations, prices for new pharmaceutical products can be reduced on average by minimum 1%.

IHSI launches new website

The International Horizon Scanning Initiative (IHSI) continues to refine its operations in the run-up to launch, recently introducing its brand identity and website. The IHSI Secretariat has been working closely with developers over the last four months to generate messaging that reflects IHSI’s values. The aim of IHSI communications is to provide informative, easily navigable content for new audience use.

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