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IHSI makes rapid progress on the development of the Joint Horizon Scanning Database

Monday, 2020. September 7th|

IHSI continues to make progress on the development of the Joint Horizon Scanning Database. The Request for Candidacies (RFC) – the initial call for candidates – was launched on 17 February and closed on 14 April. Click here to view the associated documentation on Tenders Electronic Daily. Following the call, the IHSI Executive Committee took steps to set up the Tender Selection Committee, the group in charge of scrutinising the proposals submitted by candidates. The temporary group was designated responsible for reviewing documentation in each round and assessing candidates for compliance with the set criteria. The group is currently comprised [...]

Prof. Diana Delnoij appointed Chair of the IHSI Executive Committee

Thursday, 2020. September 3rd|

Prof. Dr. Diana M. J. Delnoij has been appointed as the new Chair of the IHSI Executive Committee by its members. Prof. Dr. Diana M. J. Delnoij, the Department Head of Research & Development and International Affairs at ZIN, is responsible for: the strategic research and development policy of the National Healthcare Institute; choosing partners for academic co-operation; monitoring internal PhD positions and the overall management of the research budget within the Institute. Prof. Delnoij is also Professor of Healthcare Governance with respect to quality and efficiency at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where she is responsible for the supervision of PhD [...]

IHSI announces first ever Symposium in 2021

Thursday, 2020. September 3rd|

The IHSI Secretariat is pleased to confirm the first IHSI Symposium will be held on 4 and 5 November 2021 in Europe. The event will bring together IHSI members, stakeholders and the public for two days of updates and discussion on topics of mutual importance. The aim of the Symposium is to identify goals and the future potential of horizon scanning data as well as share information about how IHSI’s members are adapting their systems to make use of IHSI’s products. The meeting will also provide a platform for topical issues that are of relevance to the international horizon scanning [...]

IHSI launches new website

Monday, 2019. October 7th|

The International Horizon Scanning Initiative (IHSI) continues to refine its operations in the run-up to launch, recently introducing its brand identity and website. The IHSI Secretariat has been working closely with developers over the last four months to generate messaging that reflects IHSI’s values. The aim of IHSI communications is to provide informative, easily navigable content for new audience use.