Prof. Dr. Diana M. J. Delnoij has been appointed as the new Chair of the IHSI Executive Committee by its members.

Prof. Dr. Diana M. J. Delnoij, the Department Head of Research & Development and International Affairs at ZIN, is responsible for: the strategic research and development policy of the National Healthcare Institute; choosing partners for academic co-operation; monitoring internal PhD positions and the overall management of the research budget within the Institute.

Prof. Delnoij is also Professor of Healthcare Governance with respect to quality and efficiency at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where she is responsible for the supervision of PhD students, teaching, publication of scientific papers and the acquisition of research projects.

In addition to this, Prof. Delnoij is an editor of the European Journal of Public Health and has been active in several international committees and boards, for example, the Executive Committee of the European Public Health Association, the Scientific Advisory Committee of the TO-REACH project (coordinating and supporting the action under Horizon 2020), and the Expert Committee of the PaRIS Initiative of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

As Zorginstituut Nederland’s permanent representative, Prof. Diana will also sit on the Board of Directors and assume the position of Chair of the Board.

On her appointment, Prof. Diana said she was “pleased to be a part of the IHSI team and looks forward to working with colleagues in the Executive Committee and Board of Directors to support the ongoing tender process and establish the Joint Horizon Scanning Database”.