IHSI continues to make progress on the development of the Joint Horizon Scanning Database. The Request for Candidacies (RFC) – the initial call for candidates – was launched on 17 February and closed on 14 April. Click here to view the associated documentation on Tenders Electronic Daily.

Following the call, the IHSI Executive Committee took steps to set up the Tender Selection Committee, the group in charge of scrutinising the proposals submitted by candidates. The temporary group was designated responsible for reviewing documentation in each round and assessing candidates for compliance with the set criteria. The group is currently comprised of three members from the Dutch National Healthcare Institute, Region Stockholm and Amgros.

The more extensive Request for Proposals (RFP) was subsequently launched on 12 June. This dossier provided in-depth information about the nature of services being procured by IHSI and sets out the minimum requirements for the eventual database – available in the schedule of requirements. The document breaks down the specifications of the future Joint Horizon Scanning Database along key service areas which includes:  the analysis of pharmaceuticals, functional elements, technical elements, service level management, security and compliance issues, data fields and High Impact Reports.

Candidates had until 14 July to review the RFP and submit their proposals for further analysis by the Executive and Selection Committee. Once both bodies have completed their evaluation, candidates who meet the conditions set out by IHSI will be invited to the next round which will consist of individual negotiations. This process is expected to result in an award in early 2021.

The development of the database and technical implementation will follow with first datasets anticipated in mid-2021.

While Covid-19 continues to cause disruption to predefined work plans, IHSI is committed to ensuring the successful and timely completion of the tender process. Nonetheless, delays may be possible and the Secretariat will continue to share latest developments and provide updates via the Tender page on the IHSI website.