The International Horizon Scanning Initiative (IHSI) continues to refine its operations in the run-up to launch, recently introducing its brand identity and website. The IHSI Secretariat has been working closely with developers over the last four months to generate messaging that reflects IHSI’s values. The aim of IHSI communications is to provide informative, easily navigable content for new audience use.

The branding reflects IHSI’s core messaging proposition, namely, strength through data. The logo represents the initiative’s commitment to provide workable data, and that provides real depth for use in the consideration of upcoming medicinal innovations. IHSI is a data-driven initiative and, as such, will provide decision-makers and negotiators in payer organisations with the necessary information to level the playing field in the light of ever-increasing demands from the pharmaceutical sector.

The website interface is simple to use, carries core messaging about IHSI’s aims and objectives, and features important information detailing how countries can participate in IHSI’s vital work. It will provide a platform for regular stakeholder news updates, including, at a later stage, details on the upcoming tender and data produced.